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Bigger, faster, better! That must be an improvement, right? When it comes to our mobile devices, we usually want anything that can deliver us fast, convenient service.

Speed and convenience are great, but often come with a price. In this case, EMF exposure. All electronic devices create electromagnetic fields or EMF. Some are more harmful than others. For the last 8 years, 4G has been the network we have all used for our wireless devices. Even LTE was just improved 4G. But now, wireless companies are aiming to increase our speed and connectivity. The newest network will be called 5G, and some initial testing says it will be 20 times faster than the current network speeds.

The simple difference between them is that 4G uses lower frequency waves, and is therefore not as reliable or fast. By using the higher frequency of 5G, the waves are shorter, and they require a shorter distance between towers, or receptors, to send and receive them.

The ugly, giant 4G towers—you see them all around your cities and towns—can have miles between them and still work. The new, 5G towers will require millions more mini cell receptors. They are about the size of a shoe box. Having mobile internet speed that is 20 times faster than the current 4G might sound awesome!

The problem is that cell phones and other devices emit electromagnetic fields of radiation. The radiation from our mobile devices damages cell membranes and releases cancer-causing, free radicals. The more powerful, shortwave radiation of 5G will bring about more potent health issues, both because of the smaller, more powerful radiation, and also because of the location of millions more receptor boxes, much closer than they were before.It is compatible with and effective for the new 5G cell phone technology.

For less powerful wireless devices such as a laptop, tablet, e-reader, or Bluetooth device, you should use the standard and less expensive EMF Harmonizer, which can be found here. EMF Harmony products feature a unique dual-level technology that offers effective protection from the damaging effects of EMF radiation and support for the body's health in its presence.

Our technology has been developed and actively used in a variety of healthcare applications throughout Europe for over 20 years. Positive physiological effects of the EMF Harmony technology have been demonstrated in a number of studies using various measurement devices where health parameters of test subjects are measured before and after exposure to EMF radiation with and without protection from EMF Harmony devices.

These studies were conducted using heart rate variability HRV analysis, live blood cell analysis with dark field microscopy, Gas Discharge Visualization GDV analysis, and basic physiological measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate, and pH level. Close menu.

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Close cart. Free shipping on all orders for standard delivery. Add to cart. Your cell phone is constantly emitting EMF radiation, even when you are not using it. And when on a call, the level of EMF's increases dramatically. These devices and your cell phone are generally the most powerful EMF devices around you. It is an anti-radiation sticker in the sense that it protects you from the radiation, but because it does not block EMF's your cell phone or router will continue to function normally.

This also means its effect cannot be measured with an EMF meter, but it can be measured with physiological tests of your health parameters when using it see our Research page.

Customer Reviews Based on 2 reviews Write a review.Electronic devices abound. Wi-fi is everywhere. Electromagnetic Frequencies EMFs.

The assault on our brain and body is daily and constant. So what can we do to protect ourselves? Do EMF protection devices work? I have written about EMFs twice now. Once, as it relates to a particular supplement that helps you repair your body at a cellular level due to damage from EMF exposure.

The other is about ways to protect yourself from EMF exposure. There is a lot of great information about EMFs in general in that post. In a nutshell, EMF protection should include, first and foremost, keeping devices as far away from our bodies as possible. We are surrounded by that as well.

EMF Radiation Protection Products – Do They All Work?

In my personal experience, many do. I am uber sensitive to EMFs. I know when something is working to deflect EMFs. This is why I take my Phytozon religiously.

I have muscle tested myself and others to see which products work and which do not. There are lots of devices or shields that will stay between you and your electronic device deflecting, diverting, and shielding the radiation away from your body.

Its that simple. And it works to varying degrees. It really just depends on how the material used and how the product is designed. What you want to do is prevent EMFs from traveling out of a device and into your body where it can do damage to your cells. Aside from taking Phytozon daily, is there a device that can do disrupt EMFs so they do not cause us harm? However, I want to look more closely at two specific companies who use some very interesting and innovative technology to protect you from EMFs.Posted by Mike Apr 5, Reviews 0.

Why has EMF protection become a thing today? Well, at the beginning, networks were exclusively wired. In order to access the internet, we used to have these 56k modems that were directly plugged to the computer.

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As of mobile phone, their use was quite marginal, far from what it has become nowadays. Tower cells are growing at every corner in our cities and we use more and more mobile devices. The latter act as many sources of wave broadcasting. Radiations are invisible to the eye and this is probably why such few people care about them.

In the same time, our phones have become a part of our lives and they are now somewhat hard to get rid of. We all have one within reach. WiFi and mobile phones work thanks to pulsed micro-waves. Health agencies advise to be precautious because there is a potential danger. The wireless router that sits in your living room gives off electromagnetic radiation at a quite low level roughly a few milliwatts. On the other hand, mobile phones can go up to milliwatts, which is hundreds of times more.

When put all together, the amount of radiation absorbed rise questions and could become global health issue in a few years or decades. The only way to get a decent EMF protection would be to live secluded, away from the masses where there is no signal.

Of course, this is highly unlikely that you would decide this. We can only try to protect ourselves the best we can in such environment. This is where anti radiation patches come into the game. If we cannot change drastically our habits, we can try to lower our exposure to radiations from the strongest sources mobile phones as long as we are aware of it.

It is important to note that as the signal lowers, the amount of radiations absorbed by your body from your phone is as exponentially higher. Already available for many years, EMF protection stickers come in various shapes and only a few brands seem serious about it.

They emphasize upon the health improvement. Unfortunately, some manufacturers play with the feeling of anxiety of consumers to have them buy their products. In some cases, these cheap stickers could actually have the opposite effect. Indeed, if the signal gets deteriorated, the device could balance this out by increasing its power, hence exposing you even more strongly to radiations.

The good thing is, some brands are legit in this area but they have to deal with the bad image carried out by the low-end competitors.While some argue that the product claims are too good to be true, testing commissioned by KPIX 5 found that some of these products really do live up to their claims. But a warning — we also discovered that when not used properly, some RF-reducing products may actually increase exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

Take a closer look at the product claims. Instead they use a controlled signal generator that emits a constant signal. In the real world, RF fluctuates along with the cellphone signal and power. Experts warn that these products can perform differently in different real-world environments. We wanted to find out just how much RF some of the most popular products might actually block outside of a lab — in the real world.

We also tested the Belly Armor blanket, nursing cover and boxers as well as an anti-radiation tank top sold by OurSure on Amazon. Our tests wre conducted with three RF meters, set at fixed position next to the iPhone.

We began by getting a baseline of ambient RF in the room at the location of our testing. We then recorded a baseline of the cellphone RF while on an active call with no case. And finally, we measured the reduction in that baseline still on the active call using a variety of different cases and RF reducing products — all at the same set distance from the phone.

To account for fluctuations in the real-world cellphone signal, we recorded peak readings over a short period of time and then averaged a series of those readings over a longer period. We repeated our testing for each product later in the day to confirm repeatable results. This measured the RF that would be theoretically directed at your head if you used the phone properly with the case closed — listening to the call through the ear hole in the front cover.

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This was intended to measure the RF that would be directed out of the back of the phone. This was intended to measure the RF out of the bottom of the phone case.

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This was intended to measure the RF that would be directed at your head if you used the phone with the case open and the screen pressed against your ear. We tested the garments in a similar setup with the fabric between the phone and the meters.

Each of the cellphone cases did substantially reduce the amount of RF coming out of the face of the phone, when the cases were used properly. Three of the four cases, Safe Sleeve, Defender Shield, and RF Safe, are intended to be used with the shielded front cover of the flip case closed over the face of the phone — even while on a call.

Neuert points out that may not be intuitive for the average cellphone user. In one case, with the front of the flip case open and folded behind the phone — as most people use flip cases in the real world — the RF blocking cellphone case actually double the amount of RF coming from the face of the phone. We also tested the Pong cellphone case which was the only RF-Reducing cellphone case that does not utilize a shielded front cover.

Neuert and other independent EMF experts tell us that was likely due to our proximity to the nearest respective cellphone towers. In a different location, or even facing a different direction, we may have seen different results. Those findings were the primary reason we decided not to publish our exact readings and compare the products directly to each other.

The one thing our tests did confirm is that the RF-blocking capability of any product can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including location, cellphone network and how you are using the case.

Though Neuert says there is an obvious downside to the garment products. Bottom line, Neuert says shielding is tricky. But under the right circumstances, they can actually make things worse.

With or without products, Neuert says, the best way to reduce exposure is to increase your distance and decrease your length of use. Or better yet, keep your phone in airplane mode as often as you can.Last updated February 20, When it comes to your health, prevention is always better than the cure.

We treat our bodies with a sense of entitled indifference when they are functioning smoothly and then sprint to the nearest band-aid solution when a problem appears. Most of these problems could be avoided by a shift in the collective mindset to an attitude of regular care and maintenance.

Preventative healthcare requires vigilance over what goes into the body, whether it is food, emotional factors or pollution. Confused about EMFs? The energy or radiation within the magnetic field varies according to the frequency of the waves.

Longer waves produce less radiation because they operate at a lower frequency. Low frequency waves are characterized on the left side of the electromagnetic spectrum and include radio waves, microwaves, and infrared waves. A byproduct of these emissions is heat radiationwhich can directly cause a condition known as Toasted Skin Syndrome. It can appear with prolonged exposure to temperatures as low as degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides heat radiation, many other biological effects can occur, regardless of if the device emits a measurable amount of heat. There are thousands of academic papers written on the adverse effects of EMF radiation. EMF radiation can penetrate the body on a cellular level and fragment DNA — the building blocks of our biological structure. Damaged cells lose their natural ability to repair themselves and fight against biological threats — they are also a necessary precursor to cancer.

Other effects include rashes, neurological and behavioral effects, effects on fertility, and more, outlined in the video below. Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-hour Workweek, did tests on his own sperm count and found it to be abnormally low. After doing some research on the harmful effects of EMF waves, he stopped carrying his cell phone in his pocket and was shocked to discover that his sperm count doubled in 3 months. Leading experts are petitioning to stop WiFi use in schools.

Without EMF protectionmobile device and WiFi radiation can enter our bodies, potentially causing harm over time. Taking away the number of sources of EMF in your vicinity or your home is a great way to start. Eliminate as many sources as EMF as possible, by turning them off or removing them from your room or house. EMF protection should include keeping devices as far away from our bodies as possible.

This is why sources such as power lines, cell towers, and appliances that are far away are not much of a threat. With smaller EMF-emitting devices though, these cause more of a risk as the source is often pressed near, if not, right against our bodies. Even if the device is not pressed to directly our skin, radiation is still absorbed by our bodies.As an affiliate, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Over the past decade, the market has introduced many EMF protection devices which claim to block radiation.

But, do they really work? The truth is that some EMF protection products are really effective while some are just a waste of money. Every electronic device we own emits some kind of radiation, whether it be magnetic, electric, or radio frequencies zone. Together these types of radiation are called electromagnetic EMF radiation.

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Various studies have shown that EMF radiation can have negative effects on our health, and these can vary from cancer to infertility. Although there have been many studies conducted on the effects of EMF radiation, there are always several factors that need to be considered.

Factors such as age, proximity to device, and frequency of use can all impact the studies, and skeptics still think more information is needed before a conclusive link is drawn between EMF radiation and its health effects. That said, there is no harm in protecting yourself from EMF radiation whenever possible. One of the best ways to limit your exposure to unwanted radiation is to use an EMF protection device.

EMF protection devices come in many different forms, but their main purpose is always the same: to limit the amount of EMF radiation that can pass through them. This usually happens through a use of certain materials that are effective in reducing radiation. These materials include steel, aluminumand other metals. You can also buy protective paint that blocks the majority of EMF radiation.

There is a range of other products on the market, such as pendants, jewelry, and stones that also claim to block EMF radiation. As mentioned, there is varying evidence on the impact of EMF radiation on our health, but all of the products listed in this article claim to reduce the amount we come into contact with. One of the most common sources of EMF radiation in our everyday lives are laptops. Many of us use them, and due to their nature this always has to be in close proximity to the device.

mobile emf protection

Laptops also give off ambient EMF radiation when not in use, so we can be exposed to this just carrying them around. Laptop shields come in varying styles, and these can range from carry cases to lap trays. They claim to drastically reduce the amount of EMF radiation that passes through them, and this is extremely useful if you spend a large amount of time using a laptop.

It can also help to know how the shield claims to block radiation before buying it, as this will tell you how effective it will be. Laptop protection shields are often made using materials such as aluminum or steel mesh, although they will often use heat protection materials too.

mobile emf protection

This might all sound very bulky, but the technology has progressed so much that some are actually very thin and lightweight. So do they work? There is little conclusive scientific evidence on the efficacy of laptop shield devices.

Shield your Electronics

However, one brand of laptop shields, DefenderShield see it on Amazondid get their devices independently tested by the FCC. This is an incredible reduction, and shows that the right combination of materials can make a massive difference to EMF radiation exposure.

Another common source of exposure to EMF radiation is cell phones.

mobile emf protection

After all, millions of us use them everyday, and usually carry them in our pockets or bras. Similarly to laptops, phones emit electric, magnetic, and radio frequencies, along with heat.

Considering how frequently we use these devices, this can be a lot of radiation to be exposed to. Cell phone EMF shields work in the same way as laptop shields, except they have to do it on a much smaller scale.

EMF Protection: These actually work?!

This means having to use lightweight materials without reducing effectiveness. Many use tiny gold-plated antennae or thin sheets of metal to reduce the amount of EMF radiation. Some are a lot easier to use that others, and look just like a normal cell phone case. However, some are very bulky, and so it can help to shop around for the right one. This is because they will block ALL electronic waves, including the ones that provide your cell phone with service.

As a result, the best you can do is reduce exposure by a significant amount.


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